Talent Solutions

Your Choice of Talent Solutions

The modern business landscape is a competitive, multi-faceted environment with consumers getting smarter and more demanding by the day. Businesses across all industries need to use every tool at their disposal to stand out from the crowd and attract top talent no matter where they are and this is where we come in to help.

  • contract talent

    Hire skilled professionals on a
    temporary basis for short or long
    term assignments.
  • permanent placement

    Add full-time employees — early to
    mid career or executive level.
  • managed solutions

    Access deep consulting expertise or
    specialized project teams to solve
    business challenges.

Hire off-site talent with Confidence

Remote or on-site talent, at the ready

Whether you need one person or an entire project team, we match you to skilled contract and permanent talent in Administration, Software Development, Data Acquisition, Sales and Sales Development, Customer Support, and other fields depending on your business needs.

Our recruiting specialists can quickly find the contract and permanent talent you need. Results matter and so does your time, so let us help you build the productive, engaged workforce that will help keep your company moving forward.

We can help you quickly and easily add remote talent. Our highly skilled professionals are capable of working remotely from anywhere. And we have talent solutions that enable them to securely access necessary data and applications regardless of your setup, including virtual workspaces. Hire remote workers with confidence, with World Labour Force.